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Ultrasonic Pest Control: Still Needs Innovation

Over several years, pests have been controlled by frequent methods with the use of physical, chemical, natural and synthetic products such as advion cockroach gel bait, that are readily sold on the market. These methods have shown different degrees of effectiveness. Some may work for a specific pest while some cannot. Conversely, ultrasonic pest control devices have given an innovative way of controlling these nasty pests by using a different approach.

Through the years, studies have shown that specific pests can be driven away with the use of ultrasonic signals. These signals are very high pitched, ultra-high frequency sound waves that can possibly alter their behavior. They can startle away, finding a place to hide until they totally vacate the place. For instance, mice and rats can receive 60 KHz signals and signals above this can possibly drive them away after few weeks. There are also some devices which utilizes electromagnetic and ionic signals. Electromagnetic signals are emitted using the existing electrical wires that run to your walls and ceilings while ionic signals pump out beneficial negative ions to clean the air, warding off different types of pests.

What are Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices?

Ultrasonic pest control devices are made up of electronic circuits that produce very high signals which are responsible for driving away specific pests found at home. These devices are either plugged into a conventional outlet or can be operated by using batteries. They are quite handy. These devices are sold at local stores all over the United States and on the Internet worldwide.

Ultrasonic Claims

Ultrasonic pest repeller manufacturer claims that their products can really solve your rodent, arthropod and other insect pest problems at home. Their devices are also safe and very easy to use. You don’t have to mix chemicals and set-up traps. You will just plug it in the outlets and let the device do its job all throughout the day. Ultrasonic signals are safe as it poses no harm to the environment and it is inaudible to humans and pets.

How Much Do I Pay For?

The price of electronic pest control devices ranges from $6.99 to $67.99. That merely depends on the brand name and the type of electronic pest control device. Some are a package of using ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic signals that are little bit expensive. In addition, these products are designed to be economically friendly that it uses power far lesser than a light bulb.

Does It Really Work?

Manufacturers are using advertisements and testimonials to promote their products. In testimonials, customers claim that they have used the device and found that it was very effective. You just have to read and follow the instructions carefully. Ultrasonic signals bounces on walls, so strategically, you will have to put several devices in your house to achieve maximum effect. Also, do not put traps with food as they would still get the food even though they are altered by the device. Leaving doors opened can also improve efficacy. On the other hand, some people opposing to the efficacy of these devices describe it as a placebo effect. You are actually motivating yourself that the device really works even though it does not and you will be very much surprised when it started working out right. Reading series of testimonials on the internet will really get you confused.

However, according to the FTC website, sonic pest control devices do not really work. Scientists and researchers have tested the devices to different pests in their laboratory and never found a major positive effect about repelling them. Instead, they have seen that pests were unaffected by the signals. They stated that in order to drive pests using sonic and ultrasonic signals, it should reach the point that even humans and pets are disturbed. Manufacturers of these products were already warned by the FTC for false advertisement and claims on different mediums. In addition, they were charged to make refunds to those people who have complained about the ineffectiveness of their product.

FTC has given manufacturers enough time to conduct their own studies and researches to defend their products. Their advertisement should soon be proven by scientifically based explanations or else their products are off the market. Electronic pest control devices still need additional research about its efficacy. Though the idea of using ultrasonic signals and other signals are very well presented in books, it is still far from using it on the actual.

Ultrasonic pest control devices are still not a good buy. They are still under negative issues which are partly very true. While ultrasonic pest control devices and other electronic devices are still under innovation, I recommend that we should seek help from pest control experts. We should go back into using agents and chemicals, do it yourself products, traps, baits, powders, and so on.

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