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The Effectiveness of Termite Bait

When homeowners see termites inside their homes or other structures, they feel panicky about it. But now you do not need to feel fear or nervousness when it comes to termites. Solution is at hand. Termite control is now easy and convenient for anyone. There are different termite controls that one can use to effectively get rid of termites. One has to remember that the success of getting rid of termite infestation is to detect it early. Early detection would mean you would be able to find the right kind of termite treatment or termite control. A termite control that is popular nowadays is termite bait.

Termite Baits

Using termite baits to kill termites is now widely used by most pest control companies. This is an effective way of killing termites without destroying the environment. Termite baiting is simple and can also be used as a way to detect termites easily.

Termite baits usually try to concentrate on killing the termite workers in the colony. The reason for this is because the workers are the ones who provide the food for the whole colony. Once they are eliminated the colony will starve. If this happens then the queen and other members of the colony will not be able to functional normally and due to this they will die. It is much like when the workers in a manufacturing plant stop working, so there would be no more production then the plant will close down. With the termite baiting this is what happens to the termite workers.

Termite Baiting Procedure

Since termite baiting is really easy, all you need to do is to follow some basic procedure for the treatment to be really effective.

The first step is the pre-baiting. To be able to find a feeding connection with the termite colony, the scout termites have to look for their food. Their food source is mostly wood and cellulose. In the pre-baiting process, the scout termites will tag a termite bait station with a scent called pheromone. This is a distinctive scent that the termites use to identify their food source. The worker termites will follow the trail of the scent and will start the feeding.

The termite baiting stations are scattered throughout the area where the termite infestation is happening. The bait stations are important because this will be the ones used to encourage the termites to feed. If the termites start to have a feeding connection then it the termite baiting stations will be replaced with toxic termite treatments. Once this will be established it is almost the end of the termite colony.

The second step in the termite baiting is the use of toxicant. When the feeding connection of the termite workers has already been established, a toxic substance will be placed. Since there is already a solid feeding connection, the termite workers will continue to feed without noticing that there is already a harmful substance in the baiting station. The length of time for the feeding will be depending on the size of the colony and the number of termite workers. So the death of the termite workers is not uniformed. There will be different outcome.

The third step is the termite colony control. Since the workers are already being poisoned due to the termite baiting system, the food supply of the rest of the colony would be cut off. The food supply will be depleted and since the termite workers are now eliminated, the queen, soldiers and reproductives would be already suffering the lack of food. This would mean that total elimination of the whole colony will happen and the termite baiting system has accomplished its goal of eliminating the termites.

Termite Baiting Products

Termite bait may sound complicated and hard but it is really just a simple procedure to get rid of termites. The only thing that is making it confusing is that there are really many products to choose from that one can use for the termite bait stations. Each product will claim that they are effective and will guarantee to get rid of the termites. Therefore leaving a homeowner confused on which brand to use.

The best way for anyone to use the termite baits is to ask a reputable pest control company on what is the best product to use when it comes to termite baiting. Chances are most of these termite bait products are really effective, it would just vary on how long the effectiveness will work.

The factors that you have to consider are the size of the property that you will use the termite bait for. The colony size is also a factor you have to consider. But if you follow the directions of the termite bait, I am sure that you will also be successful in eliminating your termite problem.