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Some Facts About Our Friends: The Spiders

Spiders Pest Control

I’m sure you already know that a lot of people are afraid of spiders because there are a few of them that are actually poisonous. And the other main fear that people have about spiders is they are afraid to get bitten. Here’s some general information on arachnids and other facts that you might not know about the common spider either.

The eyes of a spider are simple and usually not very well developed. Spiders actually use vibrations through their legs that they sense on top of the surface of their web. There are tiny bristles all over the surface of a spider’s body which are called sensitive tactile receptors. These particular bristles are very sensitive to all kinds of stimuli including airflow, vibration and touch.

A spiders skeletal system is actually their outermost layer. The correct scientific term for this is called an anthropod.

A spider doesn’t dry out because of the hard exoskeleton that it has which easily maintains moisture. And even though a spider’s bristles appear to look like hair, they really aren’t. They are actually part of a spiders exoskeleton.

The word spider is derived from the old English word spinnan which means to spin. These courageous little Web weavers use the little claws that they have at the base of their legs, as well is their hairs which helps them walk along the webs that they create without sticking to them whatsoever.

Another interesting little fact that you may not be aware of is spiders actually digest their food outside of their body. Once they capture their prey, a spider will release its digestive enzymes and cover the insect that they caught with them.

These enzymes will break down their prey’s body which allows the spider to suck them up in a liquid form. It may sound really disgusting but it happens to be very effective for spiders to live a long and healthy life.

These are just some good spider information. But remember… if you catch a poisonous spider inside your home, call MTB Pest Control!

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