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Introducing the Dewey Pest Control

Pest control companies are a dime a dozen. There are a lot of companies to choose from. Which pest control company should you choose to handle your termite or pest problems? Not all the pest control companies are reliable, it is important to sort and find the best one from all the rest. The trend nowadays is to look for a pest control company that is family-owned. Sure there are large pest control companies that can help you get rid of your pests but sometimes they are very expensive. There are two examples of these companies. They are the Dewey Pest Control and the Clark Pest Control.

Dewey Pest Control

This company was founded in 1929. It was started by Ray M. Dewey. It began as a one-man operation. From then on it became one of the well-known pest control company all around California. They have different branches, from Dewey Pest Control San Diego to Dewey Pest Control Pasadena where they have their head office.

The company is committed to provide quality service to its customers. They make sure that their clients will be given satisfaction.

Their main goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment. They believe in the proper use of treatments and materials for the removal of pests in your home.

They have a wide array of pest control services that are guaranteed to make your pest disappear in your home or any other structures that they may have stayed in. The staff of the Dewey Pest Control is trained with every phase of pest management. They make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest technology concerning pest control. If the structure is bigger like schools and offices, they use the Dewey Integrated Pest Management. This means that there is careful planning and thorough study of the pest that may inhabit the school or office.

Aside from termite control, the Dewey Pest Control company offers the services of inspection both for quality assurance and sanitation. They also get rid of rodents through their rodent control and exclusion services. They also have a bird relocation services.

Clark Pest Control

Your structure will be better with pest control that is the motto of the company. They always think about pest control and how they can further improve their pest control services. Clark Pest control is a family-owned business that has existed for 60 years. They originally started in California but they are now expanding and have just started their offices in Nevada.

Their main goal is to have each structure pest free. Clark Pest Control provides technicians that are friendly, helpful and skillful when it comes to killing pests. The company also aims at looking for better options to get rid of termites, rodents and other pests that may be annoying you and destroying your home.

They have extensive pest control services that cater to different pests that may plague your structure or place. They offer the basic pest control which is the Clark’s Pest Away, this is a pest control management that they offer the whole year round. If you have experienced termites and want to get rid of them, then the service that you can ask for is the Term-Alert. This is a service that they use to inspect or look for termites and make sure that they do not return to your home again.

The company is also conscious about being environmentally friendly. Their treatments and other materials they use are ecology friendly. They provide green solution for pest control needs. They use their treatments responsibly fully conscious of the habitats that may be harmed if they do not use the materials properly.

Clark Pest Control services are available mostly in the western US. If you reside in California and Nevada, there must be an office near your home. You can also check out their website to know more about them.

These two companies are examples of responsible termite control. Dewey Pest Control and Clark Pest Control are not only concerned about getting rid of the pests but also of the environment. They do not believe that you should only kill the pests and not think about the other factors that surround them.

That is why you can breathe easier if you decide to engage the services of Dewey Pest Control and Clark Pest Control. They are the leading pest control companies. They try to be on top of the new developments in pest control.

It seems that getting rid of pests is not a hard thing after all. It is a relief that there are pest control companies that would really go out of their way to serve their clients in the best way possible. Dewey Pest Control not only provides quality service but also they are open to giving back your money if you feel that they did not do a good job in getting rid of your pests.