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How to Kill Cockroaches

In recent years, more and more homes and public areas have become infested with cockroaches. It is very important to identify their presence and possible nests in the house and act quickly to eliminate them permanently because cockroaches reproduce quickly. Killing cockroaches and cleaning up infested places, both public and private, is also crucial for a question of hygiene.

These insects are carriers of various pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella, Typhus, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus and various other parasites that are very dangerous to humans and domestic animals. Cockroaches are insects that are difficult to kill, in winter they survive in the sewer system, in summer when it is very hot they come out into the open. They do not like light, usually they tend to move at night.

Very often, in fact, they can be seen coming out from the manholes along the streets and from here they can penetrate houses or shops to proliferate. They come out of their nest to feed themselves and can contaminate the food with their saliva. For these important reasons, it is essential to nip the infestation in the bud and act promptly with a quick and effective deblattization venice, aimed at killing all the cockroaches present.

These insects can lay up to 50 eggs each time. In some cases they can be the cause of allergic reactions and asthma in children because in an infested house tiny fragments of the body of these insects fly in the air, leading to a strong sensitization especially in young children. It is essential to prevent infestations in companies and food stores. These insects are very dangerous because they can contaminate food with their excrement. In the Municipality of Venice and province operates a company, leader in the field of pest control, able to kill cockroaches safely and quickly and permanently resolve any type of infestation.

Many species of cockroaches, all harmful to humans and animals

The cockroach belongs to the order of the Blattoidei and is often confused with the cockroach even though they are not the same thing, although they belong to the same family. Four are the most common species on our territory: the Eastern cockroach or Blatta orientalis, the Germanic Blatella or Stoker, the American cockroach or Periplaneta americana and the Furniture cockroach or Supella logipalpa.

They have a flattened body, filiform and very long antennae, thin but very strong legs and are equipped with small hooks that allow these insects to climb even on apparently smooth surfaces. The Eastern cockroach is 20 to 27 mm long, has wings and is black in colour. The Germanic Blatella is 10 to 15 mm long, light brown, with two parallel dark bands just behind the head, has wings that are clearly visible in adults.

The American Blatella is up to 45 mm long, has wings which are well visible especially in the males and is of brown-red colour. The furniture cockroach is from 4 to 14 mm long, has a thin light brown body with well visible wings. These four species are widespread throughout Italy and are the main responsible for the infestations that occur in cities. Even if they love to eat the corpses of other animals, cockroaches can also eat the food or food waste present in our houses because they are omnivorous.

These insects have colonized the sewer system and it is through this that they are able to enter homes and public environments where they find the ideal conditions to form their nest and reproduce and above all the full and perennial availability of water and food. Cleanliness is the winning weapon to fight the infestation of cockroaches and counteract their spread. These insects particularly love damp and dirty environments.

For this reason it is important to thoroughly clean the rooms and eliminate organic residues, but it is also essential to check the condition of the drainage pipes and biological pits, as these insects could enter the house through these. Do not drop the crumbs on the floor, keep the garbage bucket closed with a lid, these are fundamental things to do, because cockroaches love to eat the garbage. You also need to close any crack or hole, even a very small one, that can make the cockroaches pass from one apartment to another.

Killing cockroaches with targeted and fast pest control

It is fundamental for those who own a garden to avoid the formation of accumulations of materials of any kind such as branches, plants or wood, because it is these things that favour the formation of nests.

In winter, to escape the cold, cockroaches will migrate from the garden to the house. To kill cockroaches, it is very important not to carry out a DIY pest control, as these insects are very resistant to even the most aggressive products.

It is advisable to contact a serious and professional company that, in a short time, will kill the cockroaches and destroy any nests to prevent any subsequent infestation. On the territory of Venice and province operates a serious and reliable company, with many years of experience in the field of pest control.

The company, equipped with highly qualified personnel and high-tech machinery, will carry out a pest control, fast and targeted, aimed at killing cockroaches and their nests in any environment, both private and public. Especially in restaurants, hotels and all those places where you are in contact with food, it will be necessary to perform a thorough cleaning of equipment such as hoods, crevices, grills, siphons under the sinks and throw away all containers and packaging that do not serve to try to prevent an infestation.

How to kill cockroaches

In order to kill cockroaches and carry out effective and targeted pest control, professionals will make a thorough inspection to decide how to intervene. The technicians will identify the nests of the cockroaches, intervening with an insecticide spray.

Usually these are based on a chemical product based on natural pyrethrum extract, tetramethrin or hexbiotrin and are sprayed in cracks, cracks in the wall and in all places where cockroaches can nest, in a targeted manner and with the use of suitable equipment to distribute the insecticide in not to be dangerous for humans and pets.

For this reason such disinfestation must be carried out by competent technicians. Some of these insecticides act as a nesting effect as they cause cockroaches to escape from the nests. Then there are those based on cypermethrin, tetramethrin, PBO without petroleum solvents which are useful to disinfest outdoor environments and those based on Permethrin, tetramethrin, PBO in watery microemulsion which are fast acting insecticidal substances for indoor environments.

Another effective method to fight cockroaches is to use food baits with an active insecticide, a chemical gel that is ingested by these insects. The bait is taken and carried to the nest, where it will poison all the insects in the nest.

Within two weeks all the cockroaches that caused the infestation should die. This type of bait should always be placed by specialised personnel, in places in the house where there are cracks, in the vicinity of rubbish bins, air vents or cracks in the floor tiles. The technicians will also carry out targeted disinfestation with a liquid concentrate that will be fed into the sink and drain pipes and all those places where there could potentially be nests.

In fact, cockroaches can easily climb up the drainpipes and enter houses. In Venice operates a company, leader in the sector, which follows step by step the whole phase of cockroach pest control able to satisfy every need of its customers. It will be enough to ask for an estimate and the specialized technicians will immediately carry out an inspection to verify which is the surface to be treated.

Very often you realize the extent of the infestation only when it is too late and you can not keep up with the amount of cockroaches present in the house, because these insects can go unnoticed for a long time and multiply exponentially.

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