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Bed Bugs Uncensored

Bed bugs are usually associated with places full of dirt, clutter and debris. However, it is possible to find these bugs in clean and very organized places. These bugs are referred to as bedbugs due to their liking to hiding in bedding. They are more of a nuisance than a health hazard to humans. They have a piercing and sucking proboscis that they use to suck blood from their hosts, especially humans. No one can notice bed bugs activities during the day as they are strictly nocturnal insects.

They normally prefer stinging at the wee hours of the morning, leaving a straight line of lesions and bumps on the body. These insects are very sly and never wake the hosts up while feeding due to the numbing chemicals that they inject in the skin. They also inject salivary fluid to prevent the blood from clotting while drinking. In order to get rid and prevent these disturbing insects from infesting your home, you need to understand its life cycle.

Bed bugs lay eggs. Just like locusts, they undergo incomplete metamorphosis moving from the egg, the nymph and finally the adult. These eggs then hatch exposing bed bug nymphs. These are usually clear in color after hatching and darken after every molt. These then develop into adult insects about a quarter an inch long, brown in color and oval in shape. These then live for 10 months or slightly longer and die.

Bed bugs are very productive with a female having a fecundity rate of 500 offspring in a lifetime. In one year, a bed bug couple can produce up to 3 generations. This is a lot of bed bugs to deal with hence one needs to look for effective bed bug treatment.

There are several ways of getting rid of bed bugs. These bugs love to hide in bedding and the seam of mattresses. Bedding should be soaked in hot and soapy water then washed thoroughly and hanged outside in the sun. Bed bugs infested mattresses should be disposed off. If the bugs are not too much, one can cover the mattress with a large polythene bag in order to suffocate the bed bugs to death.
There are chemicals that can be bought in the chemist to get rid of these bugs very fast. Rubbing alcohol instantly kills bed bugs when sprayed on them. This also has the ability to kill their eggs before they hatch. Insecticides and silica gel can also do the trick.

Lastly, it is better to prevent these bed bugs than deal with them. Ensure that the house is kept clean and organized so as to quickly notice the bed bugs.