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Allergy Relief

Our most valuable product is our experience
The main difference between Allergy Relief Stores and mail order companies is our hands-on experience.

Over the past 17 years, we have helped thousands who have visited our retail stores. During the early days of our company, we traveled across this country working home shows and selling products directly to allergy sufferers. This gave us a unique insight into exactly what our customers needed. Our retail stores provide an opportunity to work directly with our customers in their homes to discover which measures work and which don’t. By doing this one-on-one research, our product line has grown to include over 80 products. Every one shown here earned its place because it solves a specific problem for our customers.

We work with many medical doctors to help their patients find effective ways of reducing their exposure to allergens. Our goal is to help you get relief. That is our passion.

Indoor Air Pollution — It’s one risk you can do something about

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that indoor air pollution is one of the biggest risks to human health today. Studies show that, on average, we spend 90% of our time indoors.

In the days of inexpensive energy, homes were built to “breathe”. The air inside the home was replaced several times an hour with fresh, outside air. Then came the energy crisis in the ’70’s and things changed dramatically. Homes built since 1978 are airtight and have less than one fresh air exchange per day! That’s at the root of the problem. It’s like having your home sealed in plastic wrap.

And what is it we are sealing in? The dirt and dust we bring into our homes on our shoes and clothing.

We Will Work With Your Doctor

Numerous physicians who refer their patients to Allergy Relief Stores do so with the confidence that those under their care will receive honest, straight forward information and recommendations to help reduce their suffering by taking steps inside the home to eliminate much of what may be causing their problems. We can all work together to make your home a healthier place to live.

Airborne pollutants can make you sick.

If you suffer from the symptoms of allergies or indoor pollution, you’re not alone.

Hay fever sufferers generally breathe easier and have fewer symptoms when pollens are removed from the air. House dust, molds, and animal dander very often cause asthmatic symptoms. Avoiding these irritants can greatly help people who react to them. The Dust Doctor 100® filter can help remove the airborne offenders before they are inhaled.

What should you know about animal allergy

It is not the hair from cats and other animals that cause allergic reactions. Allergies are developed to the proteins found in the animal’s saliva and dander. Cat dander can linger for up to six months after the animal is gone.

Seven steps to control Animal Allergies

  1. Keep pets out of the suffer’s bedroom.
  2. Keep walls and ceilings vacuumed or wiped down with a damp cloth. Check out the Lindhaus vacuum in our online product catalog. This vacuum actually lowers the level of airborne allergens in a room as it is being used.
  3. Wash your animals weekly.
  4. Run an air purifier with a true HEPA filter to clean the air. The Austin Air in our online product catalog is the best of its kind on the market for cleaning and purifying the air in individual rooms.
  5. Wash hands well after playing with any pet.
  6. Have non-allergic family members groom the pet (outside is recommended) and change the liter box frequently.
  7. Use dander treatment products on the pet.

There are two products available in our online product catalog for those who suffer from animal dander allergies. Allersearch Pet contains a cleansing detergent formulation that allows you to effectively and safely remove and neutralize allergenic dander, protect from fleas and ticks, destroy pet odor without added perfumes, and clean and condition your pet’s sensitive skin. We also offer Allergy Relief Wipes for use in between pet baths. These portable, disposable wipes help reduce pet dander, dust, loose hair and odor. Gentle and alcohol free, these pet wipes offer a quick and easy way to help reduce pet dander in the home.

Whatever you need to help improve the air quality in your home, you’ll find it at the Allergy Relief StoresTM. When your doctor advises you to reduce airborne contaminants, see us. We have allergy relief in store for you!